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Free sample essay on A Cricket Match for kids. Last winter, I happened to see a cricket match in Delhi. The match was played between the Indian team and the West Indies team. The match was played at the Ferozshah Kotla grounds.

Every game has its plus points. It fosters discipline, duty, team-spirit, cooperation and a sportsman spirit. Some of the Indian players are very well known.

Cricket is quite an interesting game. It is played between two teams of 11 members each. It is played on a flat, smooth and clean ground. Cricket requires two sets of stumps, bat and ball. The distance between the two sets of wickets is 22 yards. The bowlers take their turns after every six balls. In this game, good fielding is also necessary for victory. Before the game starts, there is the toss. It is the choice of the toss winning captain to first go for batting or fielding. The fielding party puts three fieldsmen on the one side, six on the off side, while one is posted for guarding the wicket and one for the bowling. The game is generally played for seven hours in a day. The umpire is the final judge. He is the man who declares the players ‘out’; whether they are run out, bowled out, caught out, stumped out or leg-before-wicket out.

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The match that I witnessed was really very interesting. There was a huge gathering at the Ferozshah Kotla grounds. India’s leading cricketers were playing in the match. I saw the fine game of Tendulkar. He hit many boundaries, while Dravid was playing very carefully. But soon Tendulkar was out. He was replaced by Laxman, who made 50 runs in 76 minutes while Ganguly made 66 runs in 70 minutes. Soon there was break for lunch. The Indian team made 219 runs for three wickets before lunch.

The West Indies players started bowling with fire after lunch. Lawson bowled very fast and he clean bowled Sehwag. He was replaced by Yuvraj Singh, who hit three sixers. There was a tremendous cheer from the spectators. There was great excitement among the spectators as well as the players. Everyone was in high spirits. Yuvraj Singh played till the end and went on to score a century. The umpire gave a long whistle and the game ended for the day.

The spectators dispersed. Some of the cricket fans were patting Yuvraj Singh for his brilliant performance. Soon the crowd fizzled out and we came back home. It was a thrilling match for me.`

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Indian Premier League Season 6, Match No 7 – Sun Risers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Stadium – Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal (Hyderabad)

Date – 7th April 2013

Team supported – Though I am a big fan of Gayle, it was surely Hyderabad that night.

This is the 6th season of the IPL. But this was the first ever cricket match (any format) I watched live in a stadium. As is the case with Hyderabad, there was total chaos on the roads, hours before the match began. People had parked their vehicles where they found some space. The roads were choc-a-bloc with trucks, buses, cars, scooters, three wheelers and what not. It seemed as though everyone was heading for the stadium. Though we were about 10 minutes late, there was still quite a lot of chaos at the entry gates.

My first feeling as I walked into the stands – It was reminiscent of the scene from Kai Po Che when Ali comes out to bat. With over 40000 people yelling at the top of their voices, it felt like one was entering a cauldron. For a moment, I just looked around at the stands, at the people and at the field. It all looked so surreal, so beautiful, so awesome. I could just wonder on what it must feel for a cricketer to make his debut in front of such a vociferous crowd.

Dampener – I had come to watch the Gayle vs Steyn battle. But I soon realized that Gayle was already back in the pavilion. The rest of the game was relatively slow with just a few fours and a couple of sixes. Though the bowling was good, but generally in a T20, you expect some batting fireworks :).

Atmosphere – Before this game, I always used to wonder what’s so special about watching a cricket match in a stadium. But now I know. There were people hooting and yelling all around. After every over, the DJ used to play some song or the other from Party Abhi Baaki Hai to Lat Lag Gayee to even Jumping Japang Jampak Jampak much to the delight of the crowd who were dancing as if it were a party. And then there was also the Mexican wave which the whole stadium did almost 8 times with such amazing coordination across different stands. It felt like a carnival. Truth be told, cricket was just a small part of the puzzle.

WOW cricketing moment – Though there were a couple of good batting and bowling performances courtesy Hanuma Vihari, Ishant Sharma and Moises Henriques; for me it was the super over. It was a dream come true to see Steyn face off with Gayle in a nerve wrangling last couple of minutes. And the two sixes by Cameron White when it mattered the most were brilliant.

What could be improved – The entry and the exit could be more decently maintained. There was a lot of hassling, shoving and pushing all around. The food stalls as usual were selling stuff at exorbitant rates looting people.

Though the cricketing purists may not like it, the party and carnival like feel of an IPL game is sure to keep it popular among people of all ages for years to come!

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