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My Favourite Gadget

Nowadays, the gadget is a device that everyone has and my favourite gadget is my laptop. I always spend my time with my laptop. I think it is not just my gadget, but for me it is also my friend. My laptop makes my days so colourful because I can browsing internet, watching video, listening to music, and playing my favourite game in my spare time. That is why my laptop becomes my favourite gadget.

Browsing internet is one of my favourite activities on my laptop. I open internet every day. When I open internet my feeling so happy. Many sites often I open, but Facebook is a site that always I open. I also often download something from the internet such as movie, music, and e-book, and the internet can help me to finish my assignment.

Watching video is also one of my favourite activities on my laptop. I can watch my favourite singer video, and watch my favourite movie. I do not need a video player to watch movie or video clip anymore because on my laptop there is video player. Now, with my laptop I can watch my favourite movie every time I need, and I am not difficult for watching my favourite thing.

Listening to music is something that I like on my laptop. If I am bored I will open my laptop, and search my favourite song. I have many songs on my laptop. Normally, I listen to music when I open internet. That is can be a perfect unity for me.

Nowadays, playing game can be done on a laptop, of course my laptop can do too. Many games are created for laptop, but if I want to play my favourite game console many applications can run game console for me. So I do not need video game console for playing game console because all game consoles can be played on my laptop. That is really enjoyable can play my favourite games.

Finally, my laptop is really my friend because I always spend my time with my laptop and it is always loyal to me. My laptop can kill my boredom, with my laptop I can open internet, watching movie, listening to music, and playing my favourite game. I really like my laptop and that is why I decide to make my laptop be my favourite gadget.

Today, gadget is not a inferior thing anymore for people. Especially among the middle and upper people. Most people have more than one gadget. For example, someone who has a Blackberry, definitely have a laptop, other Smartphone, even ipad. But for me, my favorite gadget is my handphone.  My handphone is not only a gadget but also my stuff as if its my half life because it always close with me.My handphone Although not included Smartphones but the features like camera, music, and internet that makes me think my handphone is my favorite gadget.

First, the camera in my handphone is a feature that I use frequently. I love to take a picture and saving images. By using the existing camera on my hp, I don’t need to bring a real digital camera, so I can take a picture whenever I want.
Second, music is the other feature I always open frequently. I am a kind of person who like listening to music. In my handphone, a lot of songs that I listen often. I listen to music while studying at home, even if I am happy or sad. I feel more efficient when I listen to music using handphone because I never forget to bring my handphone and I can listen to music from the my handphone wherever and whenever I want.
And the last is the internet application. I often use the internet from my handphone. I often open fb, google, twitter, chat, and even wordpress can I go to use the internet from my handphone. When using the internet from the phone, I do not need a large place like when using a laptop. When using handphone, I can use the internet connection is faster than laptop.
In short , my handphone is not just a gadget but like half my life. Because in my handphone there are applications that I often use the camera, music, and internet. Those  are the reasons why I chose my handphone as my favorite gadget.

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