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For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 emblems, see Playercard/Modern Warfare 3 Emblems.

All Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 titles featured in the game.

All titles and emblems are unlocked through challenges, although a selection of titles are rank unlocks (titles 1-24). Players cannot unlock titles for their callsign until the relevant challenges are completed in the barracks.

Key Edit

= Unlockable only after entering Prestige mode

(level ##) = The level at which the corresponding challenge is unlocked

(lvl??)=The level the challenge is unlocked is still unconfirmed. Some challenges are unlocked at certain levels, check the Barracks under challenges to see if you are eligible to get the title.

  • Not all titles require a specific level.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the most anticipated video games of all time. Released in November 2011, it sold over 6 million copies on the first day. Like in it's predecessor, the best selling first person shooter of all time, Modern Warfare 2, MW3 has callsigns. Callsigns are used to identify individual players, these are made up of titles and emblems. This page contains a list of all known MW3 titles and is being updated as frequently as possible.

FNG (Fucking New Guy)

Default Multiplayer Title


Level up to Rank 80

The Prestige

Prestige Once

SSDD (Same Shit Different Day)

Level up to Rank 2


Reach Prestige 1 Rank 25

Round 2

Prestige Twice


Level up to Rank 20

30 Something

Reach Prestige 1 Rank 35

Third Time Charm

Prestige Three Times

1st Sgt.

Level up to Rank 28

High Command

Reach Prestige 1 Rank 45

4 the Record

Prestige Four Times

1st Lt.

Level up to Rank 44

A Major Pain

Reach Prestige 1 Rank 55

Five Sided Fistagon

Prestige Five Times


Level up to Rank 52


Reach Prestige 1 Rank 65

Six Feet Under

Prestige Six Times


Level up to Rank 76

Back Again

Reach Prestige 1 Rank 75

Lucky 7

Prestige Seven Times

Hard Eight

Prestige Eight Times


Get 3 longshots in one life

So Intense

Defuse 2 Bombs

9 Lives

Prestige Nine Times


Shoot down an enemy helicopter


Hurt an enemy with your primary, finish them with a secondary

Prestige 10

Prestige Ten Times

Early Detection

Kill 3 enemies during bomb plants

Enemy of the State

Kill 3 enemies as the last man standing

Far Superior

Buy the Regular Package in the prestige shop

Cluster Bomb

Kill 5 enemies with one air strike

Absentee Killer

Use a Sentry Gun to get the game Killcam

Supreme Being

Buy the Hardened Package in the prestige shop

Bombs Away

Kill 6 enemies with one stealth bomber


Kill the same player 5 times in a single game

Pure Talent

Buy the Veteran Package in the prestige shop

The Mad Bomber

Plant two bombs

Elite Founder

Unlocked using Call of Duty Elite (Founder status)


Unlocked using Call of Duty Elite (Elite Member)

Blue Bullet

Call of Duty Elite (Clan level 5)


Call of Duty Elite (Clan level 15)


Call of Duty Elite (Clan level 30)


Call of Duty Elite (Clan level 40)


Call of Duty Elite (Clan level 50)

No. 1 Stunner

Kill an enemy with a stun grenade direct impact

Explosive Ordinance

Win 15 S&D matches


3 kills in one life with your secondary weapon

The Denier

Kill an enemy before they get a 10 killstreak


Call in an airstrike twice in a game

Death From Above

Use an AC-130 in a Killcam

The Invincible

Get 5 health regenerations in a row

Top Gun

Call in 2 attack helicopters in one game

New Jack

Use a throwing knife to get a payback

Hard Target

Shoot & kill 2 players while in midair

Live Long

Stay alive for five minutes in a row

The Legend

Be the last man standing in a S&D game


Get all of your killstreak rewards in 20 seconds


Get a 3 killstreak while your screen is flashing red


Use a Pave Low in the final Killcam

The Mastodon

Finish a match with a kill/death ratio of 5:1

The Avenger

Kill a player who recently killed your teammate

Blood Brothers

Win 15 Team Deathmatch games

All Your Base

Kill the entire enemy team without dying

Tag! You're it!

Kill 5 enemies with thrown back grenades

Stun Gun

Kill an enemy while affected by a stun grenade

The Bigger They Are...

Kill the top player 3 times in a row

Laying the Boom

Kill a bomb carrier in S&D or Sabotage

Smile for the Camera!

Use a Predator Missile in the final Killcam

Stuck on You

Stick 15 enemies with semtex grenades

Techno Killer

Use a Stealth Bomber in the final Killcam


Use a Throwing Knife in the final Killcam


Use a stuck Semtex in the final Killcam

The Harder They Fall

Kill the top player 5 times in a row


Use a Attack Helicopter in the final Killcam

Blunt Trauma

Kill 2 enemies with a riot shield melee


Use a Riot Shield melee in the final Killcam

It's Personal

Damage an enemy and kill them with a throwing knife

Money Shot

Get a game winning killcam with a payback


Get a payback by sticking an enemy with a semtex

Time is Money

Get 5 payback kills using semtex

Dishes are Done

Get a payback by using a claymore

The Domino Effect

Kill someone by setting off a chain reaction of explosives

I'm Rich

Get 5 payback kills using C4


Kill every member of the other team in a game

Public Enemy

Be the MVP in a game of Team Deathmatch

Mad Man

Get 5 payback kills with frag grenades


Kill the entire team within 10 seconds

Accident Prone

Fall 15 foot or more and survive

Blood Money

Get 5 payback kills with headshots


Kill an enemy with a riot shield melee from behind


Kill an enemy who is cooking a frag grenade

Heads Up

Kill an enemy by dropping a care package on them


Get a 10 killstreak in one game

Smash Hit

Get a 3 killstreak with the riot shield melee

Droppin' Crates

Drop a crate on an enemy in the final Killcam

Mach 5

Fire an entire SMG magazine without missing an enemy

To The Extreme

Be the MVP in a Hardcore Team Match

The Ripper

Get a 3 killstreak using your knife


Destroy a car

All Pro

Headshot 2 enemies with the same bullet


Fire an entire assault magazine without missing


Get a knife kill after your ammo has emptied


Kill 3 enemies with 3 different weapons in one life

Enemy with Benefits

Kill more than one enemy with a stuck semtex

Lights Out

Kill an enemy with a flashbang direct impact

How the?

Kill an enemy by shooting an explosive through a wall

Dark Bringer

Prevent 25 tactical insertions


Get killed by a MOAB (Mother of all Bombs)

Skeet Shooter

Kill an enemy who is in mid-air


Fire an entire sniper magazine without missing

Living Dead

Survive a final stand

Reversal of Fortune

Kill 10 enemies by shooting a claymore


Kill with a throwing knife while blind/stunned


Get knifed by someone using this title

UAV Rays

Use a counter UAV 3 times in a single match

Bow Down

15 overall kills whilst crouching


Kill 25 players spawned using tactical insertions


Get a kill with the martyrdom deathstreak

Pushin' Daisies

Fall 30 feet or more to your death


Destroy 5 enemy equipment places

Friends with Benefits

Kill an enemy by sticking a semtex to an ally


Stab someone who is using the STD title


Kill 5 enemies by destroying cars

Think Fast

Kill an enemy with a frag grenade direct impact

Take a Stab

Kill 15 enemies with a throwing knife overall

Pineapple Express

Kill 25 enemies with grenades

Noob Tuber

Kill an enemy with a grenade launcher direct impact

Behind Enemy Lines

Get a 10 killstreak with no killstreak rewards active


Kill 10 enemies with cooked grenades

Smoke Grenade

Kill 25 enemies inside your smoke grenades

The Specialist

Earn all perks using specialist 8 times


Kill 15 enemies with bouncing betties


Kill 25 enemies within range of your scrambler

Crackin' Skulls

25 headshots using an assault rifle

No Boom

Stop 25 projectiles by using a trophy system

Portable Radar

Kill 25 enemies within range of your portable radar


Flash 25 enemies with flashbangs

The Anarchist

Kill 2 or more enemies with C4 25 times


Play a full length match without dying


Stun 25 enemies with stun grenades

Hardcore Only

Win 5 Hardcore Team Deathmatch games


Stab an enemy in the back

EMP Grenade

Effect enemies 25 times with the EMP grenade


Kill multiple enemies with one claymore

The Feared

Place within the top 3 in 5 Free-For-All games

Pin Puller

Kill multiple enemies with frag grenades 25 times

Sentry Gun

Get 1000 kills with a sentry gun

Ghillie in the Mist

Get 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles

Ta Da!

Tactically insert & kill within 5 seconds 25 times

Precision Airstrike

Get 1000 kills with the precision airstrike

Low Profile

Kill 15 enemies while you are prone

Joint Ops

Get 15 assists overall

Attack Helicopter

Get 1000 kills with the attack helicopter

BOOM! Headshot

Kill 25 enemies with headshots with LMGs


Deflect 100 explosions with a riot shield

Pave Low

Get 1000 kills with a Pave Low

C4 and After

Kill 15 enemies with C4

Protect and Serve

Absorb 50,000 damage with a riot shield

Stealth Bomber

Get 1000 kills with a Stealth Bomber


Win 20 games of Sabotage


Deflect 50,000 bullets with a Riot shield


Get 1000 kills with a AC-130

Pop Off

Get 25 headshots while using SMGs


Knife 250 enemies


Reach Level 15 in all Spec Ops Survival maps

The Stand

Kill 100 enemies in final stand

The Silent

Kill 1000 enemies with a silenced weapon

Over Achiever

Earn 3 stars in all Spec Ops missions

Recon Pro

Paint 300 enemies using Recon

Marksman Pro

125 kills while holding breath using Marksman

The Flash

Kill 300 enemies dazed by flashbangs

Hardline Pro

Get 200 killstreaks using Hardline

Steady Aim Pro

Get 300 hipfire kills using Steady Aim

The Stunner

Kill 300 enemies dazed by stun grenades

Assasin Pro

Get 50 kills under enemy UAV using Assassin

Dead Silence Pro

Get 125 close range kills using Dead Silence

Extreme Conditioning Pro

Sprint 40 miles using Extreme Conditioning

Quickdraw Pro

200 kills within seconds of aiming using Quickdraw

Stalker Pro

Get 300 kills while ADS using Stalker

Sleight of Hand Pro

Get 300 kills while using Sleight of Hand

Overkill Pro

Get 300 kills with your second primary weapon


300 kills while ADS using Kick proficiency

Scavenger Pro

Resupply 250 times while using Scavenger

Blast Shield Pro

Survive 50 explosions while using Blast Shield


Kill 300 enemys using bullet penetration with Impact

Blind Eye Pro

Destroy 100 enemy killstreak rewards using Blind Eye

SitRep Pro

Destroy 125 enemy devices while using SitRep


Kill 300 enemys while using 2 attachments on your gun


Use Focus to kill 300 enemies that have shot you

UAV Expert

Call in 150 assault UAVs

AH-6 Expert

Call in 40 AH-6 Overwatches


Use Breath to kill 300 enemies while ADS

Care Package Expert

Call in 150 care packages

Assault Drone Expert

Call in 40 Assault Drones


Use Stability to kill 300 enemies while ADS

IMS Expert

Call in 150 I.M.S

Pave Low Expert

Call in 40 Pave Lows


Use Range to kill 300 enemies

Sentry Expert

Call in 150 Sentry Guns

Juggernaut Expert

Call in 40 Juggernauts


Use Melee to kill 300 enemies with melee

Airstrike Expert

Call in 150 Precision Airstrikes

UAV Expert

Call in 150 Support UAVs


Kill 300 enemies while using Speed

Helicopter Expert

Call in 150 Attack Helicopters

Counter UAV Expert

Call in 150 Counter UAVs


Use Damage proficiency to kill 300 enemies

Strafe Run Expert

Call in 40 Strafe Runs

Vest Expert

Deploy 150 Ballistic Vest packages

Airdrop Trap Expert

Call in 150 Airdrop Traps

Escort Airdrop Expert

Call in 40 Escort Airdrops

Assassin Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Assassin 150 times

SAM Expert

Call in 150 SAM turrets

Sprint Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Sprint 150 times

Quickdraw Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Quickdraw 150 times

Advanced UAV Expert

Call in 150 Advanced UAVs

Reload Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Sleight of Hand 150 times

Blast Shield Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Blast Shield 150 times

Remote Sentry Expert

Call in 150 Remote Sentries

Scavenger Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Scavenger 150 times

SitRep Specialist

Using Specialist, earn SitRep 150 times

Stealth Airstrike

Call in 150 Stealth Bombers

Blindeye Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Blind Eye 150 times

Marksman Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Marksman 150 times

EMP Expert

Call in 150 EMPs

Recon Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Recon 150 times

Marksman Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Steady Aim 150 times

Juggernaut Expert

Call in 150 Juggernaut Recons

Hardline Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Hardline 150 times

Silence Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Silence 150 times

Stalker Specialist

Using Specialist, earn Stalker 150 times

All Weapons (Silver)

Get 500 kills with this weapon

All Weapons (2500)

Get 2500 kills with this weapon

All Weapons (Prestige)

Get 1000 headshots with this weapon

All Weapons (Headshot Silver)

Get 250 headshots with this weapon

Riot Shield (Silver)

Kill 15 enemies with the shield melee attack

All Weapons (Gold)

Reach maximum weapon proficiency


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default

Czech Republic

Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default

New Zealand

Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default

Saudi Arabia

Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default

South Africa

Unlocked by default

South Korea

Unlocked by default

Hong Kong

Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default

United Arab Emirates

Unlocked by default

El Salvador

Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default


Unlocked by default

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